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“What changes the status quo is the promise of 3-D printers . . . We break into new economies of scale for the production of goods and essentials. Border distinctions approach irrelevance. . . a weapons system that can be printed-out from your desk. . . Information should be free. And it wants to be.”

A self-defense tool via a 3-D printer.

You own yourself. You have the right to defend yourself. In the very near future, that may be even easier thanks to the proliferation of ideas. Specifically, a CAD file created by Defense Distributors – a working relationship of Daniel J. Bizzell, Brad Bridges, Benjamin W. Denio, Sean Kubin and C. Rutledge Wilson – that provides the blueprint for a completely composite .22LR handgun.

From their summary:

The WikiWep project is to produce a CAD file for distribution and sharing across the internet. This CAD file will be a schematic for a modest, 3D printable plastic firearm. In a world where 3D printing becomes more ubiquitous and economical, defense systems and opposition to tyranny may be but a click away… Let’s pull the world toward this future together.

By designing and testing concepts for a 3D printable defense system, and by then sharing that information with the world, WikiWep will serve to protect and ensure political processes and human rights.

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