Some love for rebel inc.

rebelinc baltimore ottobar peteeyre adamstrong 1024x547 Some love for rebel inc.

Adam getting a boost from some of his friends at Ottobar in Baltimore, Nov., 17th, 2012

Have you listened to rebel inc.? They have an awesome sound and on-point lyrics. And they’re just chill guys.

download their new album “Soundtrack To The Revolution”

From their Bio page:

rebel inc. is an intense rock band formed on the outskirts of Detroit, MI, now residing in Baltimore, MD.  The original members, Kevin (guitar) and Adam (vocals), relocated with another Detroiter, Brian (drums), and found their bass sound in Keni, a charm city native.

They are known for their high energy live shows, thought provoking political lyrics, and powerful guitar rhythms.  The resulting sound is a mixture of rock, rap, alternative, funk and heavy metal.

A month ago they headlined a show in Baltimore that was one of the best concerts I’ve been a part of. Awesome energy.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the show was final night of their tour for their second CD – Soundtrack to the Revolution. Or because lots of others present were having fun (ie acting in the mostpit as if it was the “epicenter of civil society“), or the fact that the rebel guys always deliver 110%. Probably all that.

I’ve seen them twice at PorcFest (save the date – third week of June!), this past August at the Nashville Liberty Fest (where Ademo and I were able to share some thoughts), and this most-recent time in Baltimore.

Music is powerful. I definitely credit metal with helping to shape my current paradigm (as I think many lyrics touch-on concepts related to self-government). Others are impacted just as much out of other types of music, and that’s all good. The key point is that music is among the most-effective communicators of ideas, which is why bands like rebel inc excite me so.

rebelinc copblock libertyweballianece baltimore peteeyre 1024x906 Some love for rebel inc.

Get-acquainted with rebel inc.

Increase your intake of rebel inc.

In January of 2012 Ademo Freeman created this video to rebel’s track “No Song”

In October of 2012 I edited the scenes below to their song “Police State”

Brian and Keni. rebel’s van now sports a Thin Blue Line Copblocked sticker. Baltimore, November 2012.

rebelinc copblock sticker  1024x764 Some love for rebel inc.

In December the rebel guys joined Adam Kokesh in-studio


Jim Florentine, listed rebel inc. as his top pick for the best metal album of 2012, in December
That Metal Show

jimflorentine thatmetalshow rebelinc copblock Some love for rebel inc.

rebel inc copblock swag Some love for rebel inc.

rebel inc. (note that keni has stepped into the role of bassist, ben is pictured here)

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  1. Emberlea 2012/12/20 at 7:47 PM #

    I love Rebel Inc! They are an energetic and fantastic band! The guys are awesome and friendly! I have seen them twice at PorcFest and at the Liberty Love Fest in Worcester, Mass in April! They are one of my favorite bands! I agree that music is important and while I don’t really listen to a lot of metal, I do love industrial with an emphasis on EBM, and many of those bands are also pro-individual freedom and freedom from government oppression! I look forward to seeing Rebel Inc again at PF in June!

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