Liberty On Tour Gets Crowd-Sourced

Liberty On Tour (LOT) couples on-the-road activism with new media to advance the voluntary society. When on the road in MARV (in 2011, in 2010, and in 2009 with the Motorhome Diaries) we publish a ton of content, but between tours, the rate isn’t as frequent.

Ademo and I just arrived in Manchester, NH so we can better-focus on our unjust arrests that happened in June. After the conclusion of this legal saga, we plan to hit the road again – this time, under the banner.

So, we’re making LOT a bit more crowd-sourced to ensure a steady stream of solid content, such as:

  • a write-up or video about your experiences and take-aways from a conference, vacation or weekend travel (as was done by  a number of individuals who shared their PorcFest experiences through LOT)
  • correspondent-like coverage of an event in your area (news-style coverage, man-on-the-street Q&A, analysis, etc.)
  • a tour of your own (foot, bike, motorcycle, boat, etc. – check out LOT: Hitchhiker for an example). As we noted on our About page, “If you have an idea for a project of your own let us know and we’ll work together to determine if it’s a good fit.”

These crowd-sourced additions to LOT are a good opportunity to share with others your thoughts, as well as get some practice writing or capturing/editing video and most-importantly, helping to introduce others to the ideas of liberty. And there may even be some compensation in it for you.

Interested or have ideas of your own that may fit at LOT? Let us know, we’ll do what we can to assist!

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