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Adam getting a boost from some of his friends at Ottobar in Baltimore, Nov., 17th, 2012

Some love for rebel inc.

Have you listened to rebel inc.? They have an awesome sound and on-point lyrics. And they’re just chill guys. download their new album “Soundtrack To The Revolution” From their Bio page: rebel inc. is an intense rock band formed on the outskirts of Detroit, MI, now residing in Baltimore, MD.¬† The original members, Kevin […]

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Playlists from my time at Bureaucrash

From early 2008 until early 2009 I worked at the now defunct Bureaucrash, which Wiki describes as “an international network of libertarian activists whose stated goals are ‘decreasing the scope of government’ and ‘increasing individual freedom’ which engages in culture jamming.” While there I cut my teeth on video capturing and editing, as I recognized […]

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DIY: Fix a Leaky Hose-Washer Connection

The video should speak for itself but let me know if anything is unclear. Artist: Bolt Thrower / Track: No Guts, No Glory

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Jones County, MS

Jones County, MS

The purpose of this post is to house all content related to the arrest, activism and adventures in legal land the MHD3 experienced in Jones County, MS. Other content – such as legal documents and a more-exhaustive timeline will be added. Previous iterations of this post are accessible on, & For a […]

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On Civil Disobedience: A Conversation from Liberty Forum 2012

The edited video of the civil disobedience panel held at the 2012 Liberty Forum, in which me, Ian Freeman & Jason Talley converse with those present about ideas, strategy and impact. It was recorded on Friday, Feb. 24th, 2012 at the Nashua, NH Crown Plaza. Do you have thoughts on the content discussed? Points where […]

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VIDEO CONTEST: Mesh Schoolcraft with Szasz

Incentive: 100-FRNs or its equivalent in silver Deadline: Midnight EST March 31st, 2012. Send an email to “copblock [at] gmail [dot] org” with “Szasz” in the subject line and a link to your video Details: All submitted videos will be added to a playlist on CopBlock’s YouTube channel (link will be updated when created). In […]

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