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I’ve never sought to be kidnapped and caged. Yet that’s happened five times not because I harmed person or property, but because I asked questions of those who operate as if they have extra rights.

The surest way to curtail such rampant unaccountability is not to hide or remain silent when you or a friend is harassed but to be vocal – to stand-up for your rights and point-out the claimed double-standards. Failure to do so for even the most trivial of transgressions only bestows upon such actions tacit consent and sets the stage for even more egregious actions.

Transparency is key.

The purpose of this post, which houses all information related to these less-than-ideal situations is three-fold: first, to help hold accountable those who initiated force; second, to serve as an example to others who too have been forced to engage in damage control when targeted by aggressors who purport to “serve and protect” in the hopes that lessons can be imparted; and third, to encourage critical thinking about the nature of “law enforcement” in the hope that a better alternative can not just be imagined but implemented.

Jones County, Mississippi – May 14th, 2009

meta-post “Jones County, MS
documents “Jones County, MS
playlist “Jones Co, Mississippi Arrest

Greenfield, Massachusetts – July 1st, 2010

meta-post “The “State of MA” aka Todd M Dodge vs. Ademo & Pete Eyre
documents “Greenfield, MA
playlist “Greenfield, MA – Wiretapping

Denver, Colorado – August 29th, 2010

meta-post “Arrested at Denver’s Invesco Field for Asking Questions
documents “Denver, CO
playlist “Arrest by Denver PD at Invesco Field

Keene, New Hampshire – January 24th, 2011

meta-post “FREE PETE – Wearing a Hat is NOT a Crime
documents “Keene, NH
playlist “Keene NH Arrested for Wearing a Hat

Manchester, New Hampshire – June 4th, 2011

meta-post “Manchester’s Chalking 8
documents “Manchester, NH
playlist: “Manchester Chalking 8

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