Looking for a bolt gun? Help fuel the Police Accountability Tour!

SUMMARY I’m now looking to offload my custom .308 bolt action rifle to reallocate my scarce resources into the Police Accountability Tour. Review the info below and if you’re interested, make me an offer: [email protected] I’m open to a lump payment, or a chunk up-front and lesser monthly contributions. The system is top-tier, accurate at […]

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Some love for rebel inc.

Have you listened to rebel inc.? They have an awesome sound and on-point lyrics. And they’re just chill guys. download their new album “Soundtrack To The Revolution” https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/rebel-inc./id314064880 From their Bio page: rebel inc. is an intense rock band formed on the outskirts of Detroit, MI, now residing in Baltimore, MD.¬† The original members, Kevin […]

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Book Review: One Second After

Just how significantly would your life be impacted if everything with electronics went dead? No computer. No vehicle. No refrigeration. That’s the scenario outlined in¬†William R. Forstchen’s One Second After when an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) occurs. Jim Cemorelis earlier this year recommended to me the book and after another friend did the same, I put […]

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Yardsale Take-Aways

[originally posted to FreeKeene.com] Neighbors helping neighbors makes for strong communities :) That was the text included on the bottom of the quarter-page flyer distributed to houses in the neighborhood ten days ago inviting people to attend and contribute items to a yardsale held yesterday. And it’s what motivated me to be involved in the […]

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Playlists from my time at Bureaucrash

From early 2008 until early 2009 I worked at the now defunct Bureaucrash, which Wiki describes as “an international network of libertarian activists whose stated goals are ‘decreasing the scope of government’ and ‘increasing individual freedom’ which engages in culture jamming.” While there I cut my teeth on video capturing and editing, as I recognized […]

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